Our mission

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    We pledge to help local companies survive through the pandemic

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    We pledge to help consumers cope with isolation and plan nice activities after the crisis

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    We pledge to enable academic research and inform economic and public policy

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    We pledge to spread the hope that together we will make it through.

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered significant economic losses. Local company owners face an existential threat. They may be unable to pay staff, utility bills, or even their rent and mortgages. For owners and their staff, it is essential to keep their homes safe, ensuring personal security and avoiding exposure to the virus and further economic impact.

Generosity through tourism is the answer. People can support local companies throughout and beyond the pandemic lockdowns. The finances of the local tourism areas that you want to visit may take a dip, but won’t completely crash. We want to see them on the other side of this emergency, and they want to see you.

We can avoid a crash in our communities by keeping the money flowing and helping businesses adapt and survive. CoVoucher20 provides a trusted platform for businesses that need digital support, or secure and accountable financial transactions.

Our vision

We envision that local companies will survive through the pandemic and have stronger connections to their patrons; that consumers will quickly be able to resume a normal life with the local companies they love the most; and that we all emerge from this crisis with more gratitude and stronger social connections.

Our story

During the Great Depression in the United States, the uncertainty around the economy caused people to stop spending money. This slowdown in the circulation of money caused a cascade of shutdowns: businesses saw a drop in income and could not pay their staff or their loans, owners and employees could not pay their mortgages, banks foreclosed on mortgages, and millions became homeless, living in shanty towns called "Hoovervilles."

It is essential that circulation of money is not cut off. We have therefore created a platform to help the money keep flowing.

Anyone can buy vouchers today to support their local companies, which in turn means the business can pay their staff, who in turn can keep paying their mortgages and buying what they need, despite being isolated at home and unable to work. We are all doing our bit to slow the spread of the virus - and now there is an opportunity to keep businesses afloat. We can be there for them today so they can be there for us tomorrow.

We are a team of passionate and skilled people. Project Lead Miguel Morin has studied and worked in the world's top universities, with a BSc Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), a PhD in economics on the Great Depression from Columbia University (New York), a post-doc in Economics at the University of Cambridge (UK), and a post-doc in artificial intelligence at The Alan Turing Institute.

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