We help local tourism through the pandemic

CoVoucher20 is a platform for consumers to plan holidays and help local companies through the pandemic. Anyone can start planning their holidays now to escape the confinement, and we mutualize the business risk and ensure that a company will be able to accommodate your experience.

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Miguel Morin

A word from the founder


My name is Miguel Morin and I am the founder of CoVoucher20. When countries started locking down, I knew that a crisis of this size could mean the end of millions of local companies. I have used my background in software development and my recent passion in entrepreneurship to launch CoVoucher20 in record time. Read our story.

How it works

  1. step 1

    Tourism offices, destination management organizations, and local companies describe their offering.

  2. step 2

    We promote the local region on our website to consumers.

  3. step 3

    Consumers browse companies and buy vouchers to use when travelling after the pandemic.

  4. step 4

    Companies receive a money guarantee immediately and are better able to cope.

Can CoVoucher20 really save a local company?

This is our most frequent question, so we dedicated a large part of our Frequently Asked Questions to an example with numbers and the economics of CoVoucher20.

Like what you see?

CoVoucher20 works for companies in all euro-area countries, and for consumers all over the world. Registration for companies and consumers is by invitation only.