Water sports in Obidos Lagoon, Portugal

This page details the water sports in the Obidos Lagoon that are covered by our guaranteed voucher. You can read and see more of the Obidos region here.


Lagobi has many years of experienece in the Obidos Lagoon, for example wind-surfing or kayak. It has almost three thousand followers on Facebook and a rating of 4.9 out of 5. The founder, João Neves, usually says with an ironic smile that the big problem " is that poeple on our public pictures always have big smiles." The company is registered with number 272/2014 and has the seal "Clean & Safe" . Learn more


Kite-Control has several years of experience in teaching and practicing kite-surfing in the Obidos Lagoon. It has over 1,300 followers on Facebook. It offers a very rare experience of introducing people to kite-surfing with a tandem, so you can enjoy kite-surfing without needing technical expertise. Read more

Guaranteed voucher

By buying this voucher, you can have 3 hours of a private wind-surfing lesson with Lagobi or 2 hours of a private kite-surfing lesson with Kite-Control, to be used within 3 years. The voucher is guaranteed: if the company providing your preferred experience files for bankruptcy, the voucher converts to the other company; if both file for bankruptcy, we refund 100% of the amount. This way, you can start dreaming of holidays now and then you make the booking when you are ready to travel.

You can also book directly with the companies above. We encourage you to do it since that's the best way to support them during the pandemic.

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